Welcome to Swannanoa Realty

We list your Home for $500

and only charge a 4% commission


The Real Estate world has changed over the last 50 years. No longer do Real Estate agents get huge print outs from the MLS that they are "not allowed" to let their clients look at or gather at a set location to share information about properties they are trying to sell. Today we use online resources such as MLS, Zillow, Trulia or Realtor.com to advertise and view homes.

Even though the way we do business has evolved, many real estate agents continue to charge you fees associated to the "old ways" rather than the new world we live in.

Swannanoa Realty realizes that times have changed and that is why we offer a different commission rate than some other agencies.

We charge a $500 MLS Listing Fee when paired with 4% commission which we share with the buyers agent.

  • 1% Seller Commission
  • 3% Buyers Commission

For the $500 Listing Fee we provide the following services:

  • List your home on the WNC MLS
  • List your home on Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and other major real estate websites
  • Onsite Comparative Market Analysis
  • Measure home so that listing conforms to MLS listing rules
  • Basic Pictures. We take as many as we need to properly market your home
  • Swannanoa Realty Yard Sign
  • Lock Box
  • A Link to your property from our webpage
  • Expert guidance

For the 1% Seller Commission

  • We answer the Buyers Agent Calls
  • Work with Buyers Agents and WNC MLS Showing Service to setup showing
  • Help you with negotiation of sale price.
  • Properly fill out contracts.
  • Work to get your home to the closing table

For the 3% Buyers agent Commission

Buyers agents work hard to sell homes and they earn every bit of their 3% percent commission. They are the ones that bring customers to view your home. They spend their time, gas and vehicle mileage to get a buyer to the closing table,  so we share 3% with them. If we are the buyers agent in the selling of the home we keep the full 4% commission.